Citrus: Sweet Orange, Mandarin and Lime

Citrus: Sweet Orange Mandarin & Lime.

How are you?

Have you stopped to ask yourself this?

We are so engaged in the world around us, our homes, families, kids, fur babies, jobs, the list goes on. Sometimes we forget to slow down and check in on what our own mind, body, and spirit hunger for. So today, right now, the Wendy Christina team inquires ‘How are you?’ because maybe you have not paused to ask yourself.

We ask because Wendy Christina Skincare endeavours to nurture individuals as well as the world. To elegantly and professionally seek restoration for the wholeness of all.  Our direct contribution involves the health of the body—specifically skincare. Indirectly, Wendy Christina affects climate by uncompromisingly remaining eco-friendly. We are passionate advocates for the protection of our animals who share this earth with us. As a result, our products are cruelty free and not tested on animals

Wendy Christina focuses on harnessing plants for their natural power and energy, replenishing the body. Therefore our skincare range concentrates on cell regeneration, collagen synthesis, and effective hydration. 

This week we look at more key essential oils for healthy and glowing skin: 

Citrus: Sweet Orange, Mandarin & Lime

Citrus: Sweet Orange, Mandarin & Lime are renowned for antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties. Our three essential oils of the hour are no exception. Sweet orange, mandarin, and lime share the property of being a relaxant for the nervous system. Consequently, these citrus essential oils bring a sense of security. All three are natural cleansers that remove toxins from the skin. Hence Sweet orange, mandarin, and lime stimulate the lymphatic system and fortify our outer layer from harmful bacteria.  

Lime and Mandarin is recommended for congested or oily skin types. Limes have the ability to counteract overproduction of sebum and mandarins soothe the skin. Sweet orange is used for dry, irritated, or acne prone skin. Sweet orange is considered to possess regenerative and soothing properties. Additionally, the regenerative property of sweet orange makes it ideal for ageing or rough skin.

Sweet Orange as a key ingredient

The Pink Himalayan Salt body scrub is a nutrient dense, hydrating, all around skin saviour. This body scrub contains such a cornucopia of nutrients that it had to make another appearance! Sweet orange – in conjunction with pink grapefruit and green coffee seed extract – aid the skin in the lymphatic cleansing process.

Currently available in 230ml & 500ml

Mandarin as a key ingredient

The Mandarin, Basil, Black pepper hand and body lotion is ideally used with the Pink Himalayan body scrub. It leaves a luscious and exotic impact on your skin. The inclusion of Mandarin specifically impacts the aromatherapy. Mandarin brings a calm and warmth to the senses while cleansing and acting as an anti-inflammatory in the skin.

Currently available in 500ml

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