Save Japan's Dolphins

Ocean conservation is a key focus for us. Since watching the documentaries: 'The Cove' and 'Blackfish' many years ago, we decided that it was necessary and of imminent importance to support 'Save Japan Dolphins' who are a non for profit that work tirelessly on the ground in Japan and behind the scenes to try to end the capture and killings of Japanese Dolphins.

The Cove documentary exposes the barbaric killing of dolphins in Taiji Japan, each year from September to March. The mercury-riddled meat is sold to an unknowing public. A small percentage of dolphins escape death but are captured for various ocean parks & oceanariums around the world.

Blackfish documentary uncovers the truth behind the oceanarium Industry and focuses on the market leader “SeaWorld”. It gives us a true indication of what orcas and dolphins endure in captivity.

Some important things to know...

Orcas and dolphins in the wild travel up to 100 miles a day

They have complex brains, and a high level of social intelligence

Being separated from their pods in the wild and kept in captivity brings the onslaught of many issues including psychosis & depression

Each year as many as 20,000 dolphins are murdered in Japan

A live dolphin captured for a marine mammal park can fetch up to $155,000. A dolphin killed for meat draws about $500-$600

The International Whaling Commission outlawed commercial whaling in 1986, but dolphin hunts remain legal

For more information & to support this much needed cause, please see the relevant website links below: