Photo of Kakadu Plum & Coconut Cleansing Milk with a fresh coconut splashing refreshing milk


Kakadu Plum & Coconut Cleansing Milk is Wendy Christina’s silky, cleansing milk. It contains certified organic Kakadu plum extract, which is the highest form of Vitamin C known in the world. As a native bush fruit of Australia, Kakadu Plum is a powerful ingredient for natural skin care helping the renewal of skin cells, leaving skin fresh and vibrant. Our soothing, cleansing milk smooths away make-up and impurities leaving your skin feeling soft, supple and completely refreshed.

The Kakadu Plum is a superfood taking the health and beauty world by storm! Its unique chemical structure dramatically increases the production of collagen, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and is naturally plumping. This incredibly active miracle ingredient will maintain and strengthen your skin’s natural moisture barrier as it protects skin cells and skins support structure from UV-related damage. Wendy Christina features this beautiful ingredient in our gentle range of cleansing and refreshing products.