Pink Himalayan salt body scrub


This intensely detoxifying body scrub is infused with Certified organic sweet orange & lemongrass essential oils, Certified organic Coffee extract and coconut oil, which aid to soften, gloss and exfoliate dry skin. Himalayan salt is known for its detoxifying and balancing benefits, it works harmoniously to draw out toxins and energetically cleanse your body.

Certified Organic Ingredients*

CO coconut virgin oil, CO castor oil cold pressed, CO green tea extract, CO green coffee seed extract, CO coffee roasted co2 oil, CO sweet orange essential oil 100% pure.

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Himalayan crystal salts, green coffee seed extract, coffee roasted co2 oil, green tea.

Vegetable and nut oils

Coconut virgin oil, castor oil cold pressed, sweet almond virgin oil.

100% pure essential oils

Lemongrass, lavender, sweet orange.

Weight 346 g

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