Environment & Sustainability

The environmental aim of this business is to produce and market products responsibly and sustainably. We believe that we can work 'with' our environment to produce a better & safer outcome for all, instead of polluting our earth and oceans for a one sided outcome.

As the business grows a priority is to create a carbon neutral or even carbon positive company. Sustainable practices along the supply chain will help to achieve this goal. One objective is to reduce consumer waste by increasing the use of post consumer recycled goods and plant derived materials for marketing and packaging purposes.

Natural & Organic

By using natural & organic ingredients as opposed to synthetic we are minimizing chemical waste being rinsed into our waterways and potentially upsetting the balance and health of our eco-systems.

No Animal Testing

No ingredient or end product is or will be tested on animals. We don't believe in harming or dominating those around us to benefit the self.


Recycled paper is used where possible for marketing material. As demand grows we will have the capacity to expand this effort by using only soy-based ink for printing.

FSC Certified
Save Japans Dolphins
Recycled Packaging
Cruelty Free Not Tested on Animals

PET & recycled PET & Glass recyclable bottles & Jars used for all products (please wash thoroughly and place in your recycling bin)

Recycled paper used for marketing material, gift packs and packing material.

Petrochemical free ingredients

Paraben Free ingredients

100% vegetarian ingredients

Ingredients and end product NOT tested on animals

Between 80-99% naturally derived ingredients

Between 15 & 75% certified organic ingredients

Hand made and formulated on the Sunshine Coast Australia.