Wendy Christina is a high performance, Vegan skin care brand Australian owned and hand made.

Wendy Christina Premium Skincare is handmade on the Sunshine Coast, Australia & formulated in house which enables a higher level of control over each aspect of the manufacturing process, with minimal impact to the environment.

The key focus of the range is skin hydration, cellular rejuvenation, healing and renewal. In Australia it is particularly important to continually replenish our skin cells with moisture and vitamin C rich nutrients. Due to extreme sun exposure we are vulnerable to accelerated skin ageing and continual dehydration. Therefore we must pay particular attention to this, which means not only increasing our intake of water, but by choosing carefully what we apply to our skin.

The active ingredients throughout the Wendy Christina product range all contain high levels of natural vitamin C which does not naturally occur in the body. Therefore replenishment through a vegetable rich diet and quality skincare is imperative. Vitamins C and E are the duo powerhouse for prevention of free radical damage and restoration of healthy skin cells. The concentrated use of these two active vitamins provides a natural anti-ageing skin care solution.

Kakadu Plum is one of our Key ingredients, that contains the highest known source of natural vitamin C in the world. It is a fruit which is indigenous to Australia and has been eaten and used as a wound healer by indigenous Australians for thousands of years.

Wendy has spent years sourcing our Kakadu Plum to ensure that the extraction method is enabling the natural vitamin C to remain stable and unadulterated. Equally and aligned with our ethical standards, Wendy has been uncompromising in finding a supplier who has a direct & transparent fair trading relationship with the indigenous communities who harvest the fruit, where profits go back to their communities and the hand harvest is managed to traditional and ecological standards.

Wendy Christina is the owner and founder of Wendy Christina Premium Skin Care, and without doubt demonstrates an unstoppable tenacity to develop an environmentally conscious & responsible brand that delivers the highest quality naturally active skin care. Her resolute passion for animal welfare and promoting the importance of living a vegan and cruelty free lifestyle resonates throughout her brand and product range.

" I am continuously working to find better solutions for packaging, marketing material and product ingredients. My promise is to provide a premium skin care product line that presents superlative quality, delivers effective & realistic results. Wendy Christina Premium Skin Care is a brand that continues to evolve and grow with it's roots firmly grounded in a vegan, cruelty free and environmentally sustainable ethos. Please enjoy the range and don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like any further information. Kindest regards, Wendy Christina."

  • '' I have been using Wendy Christina Premium Skin Care for over a year now, within a few months of use I have noticed refining of fine lines in the eye area."
    Irena-Veterinary nurse, Sunshine Coast
  • "The products are really making a difference Wendy! I will do as you say and report back :)"
    Gail-Marketing, Caloundra QLD.
  • "Hi Wendy, I just wanted to thank you for being so wonderful! Life has been busy and I can finally pamper myself when your products arrive. Thanks again xo."
    Courtney-Tweed Coast, NSW
  • "I am now using the eye serum, the anti-aging serum and the honey and hyaluronic acid cream. I love all 3, with a special preference for the eye serum ?, but also love the serum and cream combined together, sometimes i don't even put any foundation on, no need, skin looks an feel perfect... Thanks and buona continuazione!!!!"
    Olga-Financial Controller, Hong Kong.
  • LOVE the anti aging mask, feels nice, not oily, I try to use it 2-3 times a week... LOVE the face scrub! Perfect, why didn't you tell me about it earlier ? ;)
    Brenda-District Officer, North QLD.
  • Hello, As a Customer Service Manager can I say your service has been outstanding, I will not hesitate to recommend you to all my friends. Can't wait to start using your products.
    Gina-Customer service Manager, NSW
  • Morning Wendy Christina, We have received the exfoliant and samples. It was very much appreciated by both myself and my mother for the effort you went to to sort the postal problem out and re-sending the products. Will most definitely be recommending you to friends and family.
    Layla-QLD, Australia
  • Thank you! I love your products :) x
    Felicity-Brisbane, QLD.
  • Hi Wendy Cant get enough of your stuff! Hope I am not too late to order your new product.
    Claire-Tamborine Mountain, QLD.
  • Hi Wendy, I used your testers today.... absolutely love the products!
    Amy-Beautician, Sunshine Coast Hinterland
  • I just love the Kakadu plum and coconut milk cleanser. It’s amazing! My skin always feels glowing afterwards, it’s the perfect amount of cleansing (gently stripping my oily skin), but also not leaving me with that taught dry feeling like many other cleansers do! It also doesn’t sting when it goes in the eyes, which is extra proof that its non-toxic and full healthy goodness.
    Lynn-Melbourne, Victoria
  • I love your products! I keep getting compliments about my skin & I say to myself: That's Wendy Christina :)
    Chrissie-Internal communications, Sydney
  • I am loving your products! the smell and feel on my face is luxurious, think I'm really benefitting therapeuticually. I have told all my work girls about you xx
    Sophie, Brisbane
  • Had a Wendy Christina salt scrub and bath today. My skin was shining with happiness and I smell divine even hours afterwards!!! :)
    Christine-Sydney, NSW
  • Wendy, I just wanted to let you know, I just booked facials for the next 3 months as you suggested. I could never have imagined the improvement to my skin that I see in the mirror this morning! Thank you so very much!
    Gail, Pelican waters, QLD