Environment & Sustainability

The environmental aim of this business is to produce and market products responsibly and sustainably. We have always believed that we can work 'with' our environment to produce a better & safer outcome for all, instead of polluting our earth and oceans for a one sided outcome. Our promise is to continuously work to improve the quality of our product formulars and to maintain a standard of excellence in procuring ingredients that produce minimal impact to our ecosystems. We will relentlessly research & liaise with our suppliers, chemists, and wildlife conservation associations to ensure transparency down the supply chain so that we can be confident that no harm is inflicted upon animals, wildlife & waterlife.

As the business grows a priority is to create a carbon neutral or even carbon positive company. Sustainable practices along the supply chain will help to achieve this goal. We have achieved one of these objectives by transferring to post consumer recycled plastics for all of our plastic bottles.

over 90% of our suppliers are Australian owned businesses, with our recycled plastic bottles manufactured in Australia.

Our current project is in tracking the supply of our base emulsification ingredients to eliminate any potential for palm derived vegetable origins.

We have replaced three ingredients from possible palm derivatives and responsible palm forestry, to 100% palm free.

We are and will always be committed to being a voice for the animals, our wildlife, our eco-systems, our planet.

Natural & Organic

By using natural & organic ingredients as opposed to synthetic we are minimizing chemical waste being rinsed into our waterways and potentially upsetting the balance and health of our eco-systems.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Our founder is vegan as is our brand. We are animal defenders and will never use or promote animal derived ingredients.
No ingredient or end product is or will be tested on animals. We oppose animal domination and cruelty.


Recycled FSC paper is used for all marketing material & 100% recycled paper for packaging material. We use recycled PET plastic for our plastic bottles which are recyclable.

FSC Certified
We support the Uluru Statement
Recycled Packaging

Recycled PET & Glass recyclable bottles & Jars used for all products (please wash thoroughly and place in your recycling bin)

Recycled paper used for marketing material, gift packs and packing material.

Petrochemical free ingredients

Paraben Free ingredients

100% vegan ingredients

Ingredients and end product NOT tested on animals

We use between 96% & 100% naturally derived ingredients in each product formular (with a mean average of 98.5% naturally derived ingredients across our total formulars.)

We use upto 99% Australian certified organic ingredients in each product formular. (with a mean average of 67% certified organic ingredients averaged across our total formulars. (usda & aco certified)

Hand made and formulated on the Sunshine Coast Australia.