Manual massage has been practised for thousands of years and the psychological and physiological benefits are well researched. My in-house clients, here in south-east Queensland, know that I am passionate about the benefits of massage and its importance in my facials.

The therapeutic benefits of massage on your body include:

  • Promoting circulation which brings fresh nutrients and oxygen to your cells
  • Increasing your skin’s sebaceous secretion to bring moisture to the surface
  • Reducing the formation of growths like skin tags
  • Boosting lymph flow which helps remove toxins from your body
  • Relaxing tense muscles and improving muscle tone
  • Breaking down fatty deposits (reducing cellulite)
  • Breaking down scar tissue

The Glow Factor

People usually think of massage as helping their muscles, which it definitely does, but it’s an amazing treatment for your skin as well. The stimulation of your skin encourages cells to function more efficiently, which improves your overall appearance.

A facial massage gets your sebacious glands activated which softens and moisturises dry skin. Then, for the overall appearance of your skin everywhere, massage can actually help a lot with cellulite problems, by breaking down the deposits. Cellulite also contains a build-up of waste products and toxins which causes fluid retention. Massage helps toxins to be eliminated into the waste channels through improved lymph flow.

And, most importantly, a professional massage assists to release blocked energy channels, releasing mental tension. I always begin my facial treatments by asking the client to close her eyes and take three slow, deep breaths in through her nose and out through her nose.  As she breathes up towards the crown chakra, it helps dissolve the barrier between the conscious and the subconscious which will guide her into a more meditative state.

Psychological benefits of massage include:

  • Boosts energy and improves your confidence
  • Relieves depression and elevates your mood
  • relieves stress and tension

Wendy Christina Premium Skin Care is formulated to hydrate and restore my clients’ skin using all-natural and certified organic extracts and oils. Even if you can’t come and visit us in Mapleton, treat yourself to a home facial with our luxurious and gentle products.

Here’s the rundown for a home facial –

  1. Cleanse with Kakadu Plum & Coconut Cleansing Milk    . If you are removing make-up then use some of our cleansing milk on a make up pad to firstly remove make-up, and then cleanse again by massaging another few drops into your face & rinse with water.
  2. Exfoliate with Pomegranate & White Willow Bark Facial Exfoliant for normal to dry skin, or Aloe Vera & White Willow Bark Exfoliant for sensitive or combination skin.  Massage throughout this step, to help buff dry skin spots.
  3. Thoroughly wash away the exfoliant and apply a hot towel (or steam) then lightly spray Kakadu Plum & Green Tea Toning & Hydration Mist which is a vitamin C enriched, botanical tonic, and pat down with tissue.
  4. Apply our Honey & Rosehip Anti-aging Mask. Because it is rich in fatty acid ingredients like cocoa butter and shea butter, honey and rose-hip oil,  this mask is great for reviving skin that has been damaged by the sun or acne. Leave for 15 – 20 minutes (the longer the better)  The best way to remove this mask is by massaging into the face and décolletage and then rinse the residual with water + hot towel.
  5. Your skin is now ready to effectively absorb our anti-ageing serums.  Using your ring finger, gently dab a small amount of our Green tea and Hyaluronic acid eye treatment around the eye area, in particular the corner areas where crows feet and fine lines form.  Gently work in circular motions around the eye area to soften expression lines and plump out crows feet.  Now use a couple of generous pipettes of our Kakadu Plum & Hyaluronic acid anti-ageing serum apply this to your face and deccolatege using a patting motion with the palms of your hands and finger tips.  Allow to absorb for a minute or two.
  6. For the grand finale: gently massage our Honey & Hyaluronic Acid Day and Night Cream Fans of this product will confirm that regular use with have you rapidly appreciating the plumping effect of the hyaluronic acid. The benefits of this key anti-ageing ingredient (hydration, rejuvenation, vibrancy) are boosted when you take the time to massage it into your skin, allowing your body to draw the hyaluronic acid deeper into the cell matrix. Massage your jawline and neck with upward motions to counter-act the loss of elasticity that causes drooping in this part of your face.
  7. If you are about to go out on a date or to a party then give your face another little spritz of our hydration mist.  Look at you…you’re glowing!

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