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Hyaluronic Acid might be a bit of a mouthful (it’s also known as HA) but it’s the most natural thing. It can be found in algae, molluscs and even humans! This clear, gooey carbohydrate helps keep our body together while it works hard to lubricate our joints and hold moisture in our skin. As we age, our naturally occurring hyaluronic acid levels start to decrease.

The reason this sugary miracle goo is so well-loved by fans is that it really pulls its own weight in combatting the dreaded sag. In fact, it can retain almost 1000-times its own weight in water! This is why it instantly smooths and refreshes when applied topically. Previously, science faced the challenge of HA molecules being too large to penetrate the skin’s surface, but new formulas have overcome this.

At Wendy Christina, we’ve harvested Mother Nature’s beauty secrets with softly-treading science. Our products help you to incorporate hyaluronic acid into your skincare routine. So, we help nature do its job better and keep your skin looking refreshed, youthful and firm.

Mother Nature’s best moisture retention substance!

Here are the Top 7 Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

1.       Instant plumping to the skin

2.       Smooths fine lines and wrinkles

3.       Reduces the production of wrinkles

4.       Builds resilience and suppleness

5.       Rapid hydration results

6.       Rejuvenates sun damaged skin

7.       Improves the elastoviscosity of your skin tissue

The Dual Effect

We feature hyaluronic acid in Wendy Christina products as an active anti-ageing formula because of its unbeatable dual effect. Firstly, it provides a protective barrier to the outmost layer of the skin. This helps prevent moisture loss and dehydration, and dryness due to the wind or harsh weather.  Then, it works its deeper magic by working on conditioning the skin, by restoring youthful plumpness and filling out wrinkles and fine lines.

The main reason for our skin’s ageing and dehydration is mainly exposure to UV radiation. This results in loss of elasticity, wrinkles and an overall lacklustre appearance. With our body also slowing down the natural production of hyaluronic acid as we age, the effect on our face and body is visible.  By applying it topically to the skin, we can treat UV light-induced wrinkles by assisting the skin to retain more moisture and help our skin rejuvenate.

Adding Hyaluronic Acid to Your Routine

To make this wonder goo part of your skin routine and start enjoying the improvements, here are our favourite Wendy Christina products with this wonder ingredient!

–              Kakadu Plum and Hyaluronic Acid Anti-ageing Serum

–              Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid Eye Treatment

–              Honey & Hyaluronic Acid Day and Night Cream

–              Honey & Rosehip Anti-ageing Mask

–              Sweet Orange and Cocoa Butter Body Lotion

Each Wendy Christina formula contains all-natural, gentle calming, hydrating, and antioxidant ingredients, which will have your skin glowing with suppleness, and feeling soft and soothed. They are even gentle enough for those with sensitive eczema-, rosacea- and acne-prone skin.

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