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Kakadu Plum & Hyaluronic Acid day & night moisturiser


An active (anti-oxidant rich) day and night moisturiser formulated for humid climates and summer temperatures due to its light texture and quick absorption rate. In high humidity levels, it doesn’t remain on the surface on the skin feeling greasy and unable to absorb. Instead it works with the external temperatures and conditions, to absorb quickly through the pores, whilst the body can continue to regulate it’s temperature through sudiferous production (sweating to cool the body down)

A premium and natural non-greasy light formula that feels like butter on the skin. Absorbs rapidly due to well balanced ratio of of vegan hyaluronic acid, palm free vegetable glycerine. bio-dynamic Aloe Vera, and other key humectants (ingredients with hydration properties).

This is our key bio-active moisturiser that is formulated with active botanical extracts (super anti-oxidants) which can help to heal cellular damage that we are particularly prone to in Australia from extreme UVA & UVB exposure.

Our key extracts are Kakadu Plum & Green Tea & pomegranate which are delivered in concentrated form and true to nature. Superior & Trade Marked Australian extraction methods ensure stable and natural extraction of vitamin C and other key anti-oxidants, which can assist to heal and reverse the effects of environmental ageing (signs of ageing which are produced from external factors such as; sun, wind, pollution, excessive dryness etc)

Kakadu Plum is Indigenous to Australia and has survived for thousands of years in harsh hot temperatures and drought conditions. Hence it has built up resilience and highly efficient nutrient storage abilities to survive and thrive. It produces fruit which Indigenous Australians have used for millennia, to eat for energy during walkabout, due to its high levels of vitamin c and other key vitamins. It has also been used throughout indiengous history as a healing remedy for skin ailments and wounds.

Certified organic Rosehip, macadamia & camellia tea oils can help to deeply nourish, rejuvenate and protect the surface layer of our skin, maintain conditioning and moisture replenishment whilst protecting from trans epidermal water loss (the drawing of moisture from our skin by the atmosphere), which increases dehydration.

For deeper nourishment and a luxurious night cream, try blending with our Meditation Blend  facial massage oil massage into face and décolletage and allow this decadently rich blend to slowly absorb and nurture your skin.

Certified Organic ingredients: 

kakadu plum, bio-dynamic Aloe Vera, green tea extract, macadamia oil, palm free vegetable glycerin, palm free shea butter, camellia tea oil, pomegranate extract, 1st grade ylang ylang essential oil, rosehip co2 extract.

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Certified organic

kakadu plum extract, bio-dynamic Aloe Vera, green tea extract, pomegranate extract, vitamin E natural, rose-hip Co2 extract, Macadamia, camellia tea, jojoba, shea butter.

100% pure essential oils

Rose geranium, 1st grade ylang ylang (certified organic)


99% naturally derived ingredients
70% certified organic ingredients (aco/ usda)

Weight 120 g

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