Kakadu Plum & Hyaluronic acid rejuvenation serum


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This nutrient loaded, oil free serum is a key rejuvenation and age restoring product in our range.  Our main ingredient is Kakadu Plum, which is hand harvested by indigenous Australians in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Profits of the Kakadu Plum supply are distributed throughout indigenous communities and each harvest is carefully managed to ensure ecological sustainability of this cherished indigenous fruit. Our actives, including Kakadu Plum, are then extracted in Australia using Trade marked technology & cutting edge machines that have been designed and built by our chemist and bio-actives supplier. This cutting edge extraction technology is a gentle and unaggressive process, hence ensuring the highest quality and stable vitamins & nutrients are not degraded and weakened through the extraction process (which typically occurs in traditional and standard Industry extraction methods)

Highly concentrated, stable and in its naturally active form, Kakadu Plum boasts superior levels of vitamin C (the highest in the world) and vital anti-oxidant content. Coupled with our concentrated supply and advanced extraction processes, this key Indigenous Australian extract creates superior efficiencies in reversing free radical damage and environmental ageing conditions within the skin.

Our key plant actives and essential oils are suspended in plant based vegan Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a highly effective moisture, hydration & plumping agent, it rapidly boosts the skin with hydration, which revitalises, glosses and plumps up the skin. Due to its quick absorption rate, it can also act as a faster delivery system for penetrating anti-oxidants into the deeper layers to assist with collagen formation. 

The superlative content & quality of our natural and concentrated vitamin C serum formular provides ultimate rejuvenation and healing from sun and free radical damage.  This serum is oil free and pure in its content, hence it is suitable for all skin types, and works really well in hot and humid climates.

During winter and dryer climatic conditions, it can be blended with plant based oils to provide a rich and protective barrier onto the skin.

Certified Organic Ingredients*

Vegetable glycerin (palm free), Green tea, kakadu plum, French Lavender, 1st Grade Ylang Ylang.

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Certified Organic

green tea extract, kakadu plum, Ylang Ylang First Grade, French Maillette Lavender, vegetable glycerine (palm free)

100% pure essential oils, certified organic

French Lavender, 1st grade Ylang Ylang.


96% naturally derived ingredients
70% certified organic ingredients (aco/ usda)

Weight 111 g

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