embrace nature's calm with chamomile

Embrace Nature’s Calm with Chamomile

Thank you to all of our customers who embrace Nature’s Calm and have supported us in these times. It is a huge blessing, and we are so very grateful! Wendy Christina Premium Skincare continues to strive for excellence in our task of developing an economical, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and effective product. But more than that, we are striving to use our resources and our influence through this brand to move our world forward in ways that honor our planet, people, and fellow creatures. You, our customer, are the power behind us in the practical sense of providing us with our resources and by sharing us with others you contribute to our influence. So thank you, sincerely and lovingly from Wendy Christina and her team.

Today we cerebrate a herb that has been known for its healing properties for centuries:


While Chamomile may be “outdated” meaning it is not chatted about like the “hot”, “new”, or “trendy” skincare elements out there today, do not be fooled into believing it has lost any capacity of effectivity. Chamomile has stood the test of time and still remains known for its therapeutic properties. The most potent aspect of chamomile is that it is a relaxant. This effect corrects many different ailments.

For instance, chamomile is well known as a before bed tea to aid those in their sleep. It is a potent remedy for insomnia. In addition chamomile relieves migraines, headaches, menstrual pain, PMS, stomach pain, digestive issues, colic, even being used to relieve asthma attacks. Chamomile also prevents the growth of disease causing microorganisms and kills bacteria.

Perhaps old-fashioned, yet still a powerful therapeutic substance, chamomile applies to your skincare routine as well.

Chamomile relieves stress from the skin, reduces inflammation, and calms burns and irritations. It features in many of the Wendy Christina ranges because of its anti-inflammatory properties that soothe as well as its role to increase moisture and elasticity in the skin.

Embrace natures calm with Roman Chamomile:

Both a calming and revitalising experience, the Kakadu Plum and Green Tea Toning and Hydration mist has been formulated with many different facets in mind. A toner is a great way to rebalance pH in your skin and to replenish nutrients after cleansing . While many of us have been breathing all sorts of cleaners, sanitisers, and chemicals lately, try the inverse with this vitamin powered skin tonic. Chamomile and lavender de-stress and soothe while peppermint and witch-hazel wake up and refresh. This product is very economical and versatile. Besides its beautiful aromatherapy, this anti-oxidant rich mist also provides a dose of hydration and is an excellent setting spray for make up.

Currently available in 100ml  (or a sample size of 30ml)

Green tea and Hyaluronic Acid Eye Treatment is an essential for the delicate skin around the eye. The skin around the eye area is very thin and sensitive, often the place that is first to be damaged without adequate protection and nurturing.

Hyaluronic Acid rapidly brings hydration into this area smoothing wrinkles while Green Tea, Aloe Vera, and Pomegranate implant high levels of antioxidant rich vitamin C for collagen synthesis and relieve damage caused by free-radicals. As well as brightening the under eye area.

Anti-inflammation, calming, and improved texture are attributed to the Roman Chamomile that plays an important role in this product.

Currently available in 25ml & 45ml (or sample size of 4ml)