kakadu plums in Indigenous hands

Welcome Spring with Kakadu Plum.

Spring is a special time of preparation and rebirth. It is a time to purify and clean, a time to venture out from hibernation and a time for excited deliberation. The dark and heavy winter is behind us. With full anticipation we can look forward to the coming days of summer. Before Summer, we welcome Spring with some help from Kakadu Plum.

Over the darker winter months, the team at Wendy Christina Premium Skincare engaged in a much needed hibernation. It was a time to heal and refocus. Perhaps you, yourself experienced something similar with the detours the world has experienced this year?

As the summer approaches and spring has us feeling fresh, we present to you vivifying Kakadu Plum!

Kakadu Plum

Native to Australia, Kakadu Plum is a key ingredient in almost all products across the Wendy Christina range. Kakadu Plum is a subtropical, deciduous tree native to Western Australia and the Northern Territory. By now, most people have heard of the superfood nature of the Kakadu Plum and its renown in natural beauty products.

The small green plum from the Kakadu contains the highest concentration of active vitamin C in the world. If you have heard the Wendy Christina team talk to anything within the product range, you have heard about the importance of vitamin C in skin repair, regeneration, anti-aging, and all it’s wonderful benefits.

Vitamin C does not naturally occur in the body. Therefore, our bodies need to absorb it via external sources and diet. Combined with vitamin E, it is a powerful prevention elixir against free radicals and aids creation of healthy, young cells.  Free radicals are the result of damaged cells that go rogue. They continually destroy as they set off a chain reaction attacking other healthy cells.

Vitamin C reverses this reaction and instead aids to produce the following desired effects:

  • Tighter skin as collagen and elastin are rebuilt 
  • Brightened complexion
  • Reduction of pigmentation
  • Decreasing wrinkles and fine lines 

Truly potent vitamin C must have its active capacity intact.

What is active vitamin C?

Active vitamin C is naturally occurring vitamin C with its full antioxidant capacity. In its natural environment (within the plant) it is in an active state. Unfortunately, this active state is very unstable and generally loses it’s antioxidant capacity due to compound degradation when extracted from plants. Due to this, most vitamin C found in serums, supplements, and other products are actually a synthetic form of vitamin C called ascorbic acid. This synthetic form is much more stable, easier, and cheaper to harness for products. However, its antioxidant capacity is far inferior to naturally occurring vitamin C.

The quality of the extract is truly the difference between a potent anti-ageing serum or an inactive superfood listed on the ingredients label. The bottom line: not all Kakadu Plum extracts are equal.

Our owner, founder, and product formulator, Wendy Christina, sought after an ethically sourced, unique and unparalleled high quality extract.

Our natural active ingredients are extracted using a trademarked method which is superior to traditional methods. This process involves higher levels of antioxidant compounds being filtered through the cell wall without damaging the plant’s biomatrix. Our wild Kakadu Plum is harvested by hand in the Northern Territory by Indigenous communities under fair-trade work conditions.

Welcome Spring with Kakadu Plum.