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Pink Himalayan salt Body scrub is an all natural body exfoliant made from 100% naturally derived ingredients.  It is the ultimate luxury for your body, mind and soul.  The exfoliant material is of course Pink Himalayan salt which in itself has deep detoxifying abilities due to its high mineral content.  It is harvested naturally and so does not go through any kind of chemical refinement.

What we love most about this scrub is that it is not homogenised and therefore all ingredients are blended but still integral and in their raw form. There is no danger of anything synthetic or plastic being washed into our waterways.

Omega 3 and fatty acid rich oils such as Certified organic coconut and sweet almond assist to really nourish, gloss and soften the texture of your skin, while the salt creates a super effective exfoliation.

Active ingredients such as:  Certified organic Green tea, Green coffee seed extract & a decadent blend of 100% pure essential oils all assist to revitalise the skin.  Their highly effective anti-oxidant properties can assist to repair sun damage & toxin damage, whilst the high vitamin C and E content can help to repair the skin barrier and boost circulation.  This means soft & glossy skin, a faster skin metabolism and assistance with the  break down of unwanted cellulite.



Manual massage has been practised for thousands of years and the psychological and physiological benefits are well researched. My in-house clients, here in south-east Queensland, know that I am passionate about the benefits of massage and its importance in my facials.

The therapeutic benefits of massage on your body include:

  • Promoting circulation which brings fresh nutrients and oxygen to your cells
  • Increasing your skin’s sebaceous secretion to bring moisture to the surface
  • Reducing the formation of growths like skin tags
  • Boosting lymph flow which helps remove toxins from your body
  • Relaxing tense muscles and improving muscle tone
  • Breaking down fatty deposits (reducing cellulite)
  • Breaking down scar tissue


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Fight Free Radicals With Antioxidants

RADICAL BEAUTY – Fight Free Radicals With Antioxidants

What on earth are free radicals?

You may have heard about them, but do you know what free radicals are or how they affect you and your skin?

Free radicals are good cells gone rogue. They are unstable molecules that are missing an electron which is why they will attack the nearest stable molecule in an attempt to steal the electrons to make itself whole. The attacked molecule then becomes a free radical and sets off a chain reaction. Basically, when a healthy cell goes over to the dark side, they become a free radical and search-and-destroy mission for other, healthy cells.

These particles make cells malfunction – and nobody wants a dysfunctional face! Basically because, the more free radicals that are present in our skin, the faster we age.

What causes a healthy cell to turn into a free radical?


Refreshing splash of water


Hyaluronic Acid might be a bit of a mouthful (it’s also known as HA) but it’s the most natural thing. It can be found in algae, molluscs and even humans! This clear, gooey carbohydrate helps keep our body together while it works hard to lubricate our joints and hold moisture in our skin. As we age, our naturally occurring hyaluronic acid levels start to decrease.

The reason this sugary miracle goo is so well-loved by fans is that it really pulls its own weight in combatting the dreaded sag. In fact, it can retain almost 1000-times its own weight in water! This is why it instantly smooths and refreshes when applied topically. Previously, science faced the challenge of HA molecules being too large to penetrate the skin’s surface, but new formulas have overcome this.

At Wendy Christina, we’ve harvested Mother Nature’s beauty secrets with softly-treading science. Our products help you to incorporate hyaluronic acid into your skincare routine. So, we help nature do its job better and keep your skin looking refreshed, youthful and firm.



Wendy Christina loves aloe vera and we use certified organic aloe vera extract across our range of products. Aloe vera works like a tonic for your skin. It has cooling, gentle qualities comfort stressed skin and aids your skin in regenerating itself. It has proven health benefits for healing sunburn, breakouts, infections, rosacea and skin conditions that cause inflammation. The healing properties of the aloe vera plant have been recognised for millennia. Ancient Sumerian clay tablets refer to aloe in 2200 BC, in what are some of the oldest botanical records known. Since antiquity, humans have used the gel found inside the leaf of the plant for its soothing and moisturising effects.

Science has discovered 75 ingredients contained in the aloe leaf, all offering medical benefits. It is very effective for hydrating and moisturising all skin types. But because it will not clog your pores, it is particularly effective for oily skin and for people prone to breakouts.