Pink Energy

The Wendy Christina Premium Skincare team hope this update finds you well, and full of energy during these fine spring days! We have been delighting in spring, with the cleansing rains and radiating sunny days. Wendy has some exciting new products dropping soon for this summer 2021 (more about that later). Meanwhile, we are elated to be spending our days creating eco-loving goodness for your skin and soul. As our energy rises, we wanted to take some time to talk about one of our energetically active ingredients: Pink Himalayan Salt, our bundle of pink energy!

Pink Himalayan Salt

This natural compound contains a plethora of over 80 minerals and elements to nourish us internally and externally. Wendy sources only high quality Pink Himalayan salt with absolutely no chemical interference to the naturally nourishing state of the salt. Our skin is our largest organ and is responsible for absorbing in beneficial nutrients and expelling or storing toxins and pollutants to avoid allowing them to enter into our bodies. This provides us skin with loving goodness, fortifying our bodies  protect us from the nasties we come into contact with. Our bodies are also energetic beings that can be filled with bountiful life-feeling energy but can also become weighed down with toxins and negative energy.

Pink Energy

This is where Pink Himalayan salt becomes our greatest asset. The purest form of salt found in the earth, it contains high levels of healing energy. It has the ability to draw out toxins thus detoxifying the body energetically and restoring the reservoirs with high energy and peace. One study found that bathing in warm water with Pink Himalayan salt for just 10 minutes can reduce fatigue, stress, pain, and increase levels of contentment and emotional health. This pink crystal is multifaceted and contains more than just detoxification as a facet. Due to its PH balancing properties and mineral rich profile, Himalayan salt also balances skin tones and prevents and treats acne. It exfoliates skin and hydrates at the same time leaving a healthy, youthful glow. The healing energy of this goddess salt offers endless benefits to those who indulge in her purity.

We have the perfect active ingredient body product to easily brighten and energise you.  It’s time to incorporate some Pink Himalayan salt into your care routine. Pink Himalayan Salt Body scrub will help you feel as free and energised as the Wendy Christina team has been feeling this spring.

Pink Himalayan Salt body Scrub

Wendy Christina Premium Pink Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

Pink Himalayan Salt body scrub is a nutrient dense, hydrating, all around skin saviour. Made with 50% Pink Himalayan salt, this product blends together coconut oil, pink grapefruit, and green coffee seed extract to purge impurities out of the lymphatic system and skin. Like all of Wendy’s premium products, this body scrub has been filled with nutrient dense, skin nourishing, and complimenting ingredients. Our star for November to keep our skin and health glowing. Our bundle of Pink energy.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the Pink Himalayan salt body scrub. From now until the end of November 2020, Wendy is generously offering 10% every order of Pink Himalayan Salt Body Scrub. Get your orders in now and enjoy this skin lavishing goodness.

kakadu plums in Indigenous hands

Welcome Spring with Kakadu Plum.

Spring is a special time of preparation and rebirth. It is a time to purify and clean, a time to venture out from hibernation and a time for excited deliberation. The dark and heavy winter is behind us. With full anticipation we can look forward to the coming days of summer. Before Summer, we welcome Spring with some help from Kakadu Plum.

Over the darker winter months, the team at Wendy Christina Premium Skincare engaged in a much needed hibernation. It was a time to heal and refocus. Perhaps you, yourself experienced something similar with the detours the world has experienced this year?

As the summer approaches and spring has us feeling fresh, we present to you vivifying Kakadu Plum!

Kakadu Plum

Native to Australia, Kakadu Plum is a key ingredient in almost all products across the Wendy Christina range. Kakadu Plum is a subtropical, deciduous tree native to Western Australia and the Northern Territory. By now, most people have heard of the superfood nature of the Kakadu Plum and its renown in natural beauty products.

The small green plum from the Kakadu contains the highest concentration of active vitamin C in the world. If you have heard the Wendy Christina team talk to anything within the product range, you have heard about the importance of vitamin C in skin repair, regeneration, anti-aging, and all it’s wonderful benefits.

Vitamin C does not naturally occur in the body. Therefore, our bodies need to absorb it via external sources and diet. Combined with vitamin E, it is a powerful prevention elixir against free radicals and aids creation of healthy, young cells.  Free radicals are the result of damaged cells that go rogue. They continually destroy as they set off a chain reaction attacking other healthy cells.

Vitamin C reverses this reaction and instead aids to produce the following desired effects:

  • Tighter skin as collagen and elastin are rebuilt 
  • Brightened complexion
  • Reduction of pigmentation
  • Decreasing wrinkles and fine lines 

Truly potent vitamin C must have its active capacity intact.

What is active vitamin C?

Active vitamin C is naturally occurring vitamin C with its full antioxidant capacity. In its natural environment (within the plant) it is in an active state. Unfortunately, this active state is very unstable and generally loses it’s antioxidant capacity due to compound degradation when extracted from plants. Due to this, most vitamin C found in serums, supplements, and other products are actually a synthetic form of vitamin C called ascorbic acid. This synthetic form is much more stable, easier, and cheaper to harness for products. However, its antioxidant capacity is far inferior to naturally occurring vitamin C.

The quality of the extract is truly the difference between a potent anti-ageing serum or an inactive superfood listed on the ingredients label. The bottom line: not all Kakadu Plum extracts are equal.

Our owner, founder, and product formulator, Wendy Christina, sought after an ethically sourced, unique and unparalleled high quality extract.

Our natural active ingredients are extracted using a trademarked method which is superior to traditional methods. This process involves higher levels of antioxidant compounds being filtered through the cell wall without damaging the plant’s biomatrix. Our wild Kakadu Plum is harvested by hand in the Northern Territory by Indigenous communities under fair-trade work conditions.

Welcome Spring with Kakadu Plum.

Uplift your Senses with Pink Grapefruit

Uplift your Senses with Pink Grapefruit

During definitive times such as these, the Wendy Christina team is committed to choosing an uplifted and joyous spirit. We invite you to join us in this mindset. Importantly, we are dedicated to being united. We ask ourselves and others to clear the mind, embrace the stillness, and engage peace. Choose this time to regroup, refresh, rejuvenate, and revive your minds, hearts, and bodies. Meditate your whole being on whatever is true; honorable; just; pure; lovely; commendable. Anything worthy of praise. Because we focus on these truths, we act our truth.

So, as our cherished customers, we want to be united with you in this time with hands full and hearts grateful. Encouraged by nature, we utilise what she offers. Our daily dose of sunshine (with appropriate protection!) uplifts us. The blessing of a nearby ocean can wash away stress and bring us to life. Fresh breezes and brisk morning walks energise us for the day ahead. The earth provides health for us. This belief sparked our founder – Wendy Christina – to create from only the most potent and superlative quality ingredients her plant-based, planet-focused skin care range.

We are all in our world’s current circumstances together. As a result, together we can choose positivity, embrace nature’s healing. We can all become strengthened physically and spiritually. This week’s key ingredient helps us to choose focus and revival, rather than staleness and stagnation.

Uplift your senses with Pink Grapefruit

Pink grapefruit stimulates an uplifted and joyous spirit. Fresh and citrusy, pink grapefruit is a stimulant for the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for moving toxins and exhaustion out of our body. When our lymphatic system slows down, we retain toxins, loose energy, and put on weight. Known as a potent antibacterial, pink grapefruit is also an excellent skin tonic. Using products with pink grapefruit can aid in building a healthy protective barrier against bacteria and infection in the skin. We’ve highlighted a couple for this week:

Pink Grapefruit as a key ingredient

Perfect for reflecting, our Meditation Blend facial massage oil combines a signature mix of extracts with a base of jojoba oil. An aromatherapy blend of the pure essential oils intended to calm, relax, and de-stress the mind and emotions leaving you revived and uplifted feeling of well-being. Jojoba oil makes an ideal base for all skin types as it helps regulate oil buildup and is does not clog pores. Pink grapefruit plays a key role in the blend to even skin tone and infuse the senses with liveliness and joy. Optimum performance when combined with our Hyaluronic Acid and Roman Chamomile facial.

*Currently available in 90ml

The Hyaluronic Acid with Roman Chamomile facial massage is all about hydration and plumping the skin. A simple serum comprised primarily of hyaluronic acid making it an intense dose of hydration and buoyancy to the skin. The facial massage medium also soothes inflammation due to the Chamomile. Fantastic for all skin types as it is not an oil based product. Indulge with the Hyaluronic Acid and Roman Chamomile in addition to the Meditation Blend for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience coupled with hydrated skin with a dewy finish.

*Currently available in 90ml

Pink grapefruit essential oil has been selected intently for our Pink Himalayan Salt body scrub. Due to the pink grapefruit’s ability to move the lymphatic system, break down fatty deposits, and cellulite. Uplift your Senses with Pink Grapefruit.

*Currently available in 230ml and 500ml



Confessions of a Naturaholic: How to Feed your Health Addiction with Lemongrass

Confessions of a Naturaholic: How to Feed your Health Addiction with Lemongrass

A Naturaholic is a person with an addiction to all things relating to nature and natural products. Unlike most addictions, this is one addiction we CELEBRATE.

It’s more than an addiction. It is a passion that drives us to build up our bodies and our planet. In fact, a naturaholic is just someone who is returning to the purified ways of health and wellbeing before unnatural and harmful chemicals polluted us.

Maintaining a pure, natural way of life proves difficult sometimes. After all, synthetics, impurities, unfair trade, and unsustainable manufacturing were all introduced to be cheap and easy. But as Naturaholics we yearn for richness, purity, wholesome and goodness. The kind of substance that is beyond the product in our hands reaching to heal our world and its population with purpose.

At Wendy Christina Skincare, we desire to have your yearning for wellness satisfied with ease and grace. We seek to inform you about nature’s wholeness with utmost honesty. Our motivation is to provide a product that purpose is to bring goodness to you and our ecosystems. Wendy Christina is more than just skincare, it is a vision you can support to see the earth, our home, healed.

Our highlighted naturaholic secret ingredient for this week is:

Confessions of a Naturaholic: Lemongrass

Lemongrass possesses powerful antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. Energising and uplifting, the aroma of lemongrass is conducive to clear thinking and concentration. Lemongrass’ antibacterial and antimicrobial properties make it an excellent disinfectant. Combine those properties with its reputation as the “connective tissue essential oil” and you have a holistic hero for our skincare products. Lemongrass leaves skin tightened and energised while also forming a protective barrier on the skin against microbial nasties.

Lemongrass as a key ingredient

Our refreshing Aloe Vera and White Willow Bark Exfoliant boasts a high anti-bacterial fighting ability leaving your skin fortified against harmful microbes. The white willow bark, jojoba beads, and kaolin clay remove dead skin cells, dirt, and oil build up. Aloe Vera contributes to hydration and a soothing effect making this a fantastic choice for skin prone to breaking out. Watermelon seed heals and repairs by restoring, nourishing, and balancing the oils in your skin. The experience concludes with lemongrass and pink grapefruit building a protective layer of antibacterial properties for your skin. This product protects skin so effectively that we recommend using it three times weekly in place of your cleanser during times of potentially extreme exposure to germs and microbes.
Currently available in 90ml & 500ml**

A product packed with nourishment and powerful antioxidants, the Pink Himalayan Salt Body Scrub overwhelmingly satisfies your skin. An all around experience begins with the pink Himalayan salts drawing out toxins in your body, replacing negative energy and exhaustion for revitalisation. The base of coconut oil deeply moisturises and promotes elasticity through vitamins and anti-oxidants. Green coffee seed specially contributes by working with lemongrass and pink grapefruit to boost circulation which can aid in the breakdown of cellulite and fatty deposits. This collaboration also stimulates the lymph system which is the body’s natural waste system: it is responsible for removing toxins that steal energy and slow the body’s functions down. Lemongrass on an individual level brings stimulation and refreshment. For bodies that are tired, drained, or need some super nature power, use three times weekly.
Currently available in 230ml & 500ml**

Pink Himalayan Salt Body Scrub – Wendy Christina Premium skincare


Pink Himalayan Salt Body Scrub is an all natural body exfoliant made from 100% naturally derived ingredients.  It is the ultimate luxury for your body, mind and soul.  The exfoliant material is Pink Himalayan salt which in itself has deep detoxifying abilities due to its high mineral content.  It is harvested naturally and does not go through any kind of chemical refinement.

What we love most about this scrub is that it is not homogenised. All ingredients are blended but still in their raw form. There is no danger of anything synthetic or plastic being washed into our waterways.

Omega 3 and fatty acid rich oils such as Certified organic coconut and sweet almond assist to really nourish, gloss and soften the texture of your skin. Meanwhile the salt creates a super effective exfoliation.

Active ingredients such as:  Certified organic Green tea, Green coffee seed extract & a decadent blend of 100% pure essential oils all assist to revitalise the skin. The highly effective anti-oxidant properties can assist to repair sun damage & toxin damage. High vitamin C and E content can help to repair the skin barrier and boost circulation.  This means soft & glossy skin, a faster skin metabolism and assistance with the break down of unwanted cellulite.